The Ecovas plant pot is suitable for growing and cultivating houseplants and outdoor plants. The Ecovas plant pot is made from biodegradable plastic based on renewable resources, namely vegetable oil.
Ecovas is manufactured by injection moulding technology. The material used enables the production of a stable pot with a smooth surface. Therefore Ecovas can be used in a similar way as pots made out of polypropylene. No adjustments must be made on the machines. Ecovas is stable and elastic, it can be stacked and is reliable on the pot-filling machine.
The material used is a biopolymer made from renewable resources, vegetable oil. This resin is fully biodegradable under composting conditions and obtained the OK Compost-label from AIB-Vinçotte. (Belgium). Dependent on the use and the desired properties the composition can be adjusted. Standard pots will have no or little degradation in nursery. This makes them ideal for the cultivation and transportation of houseplants.
The most natural product, in a natural pot.