BioFilm Agro is a new and revolutionary product used as mulch film. More than 10 years of research were needed to produce this high quality material.
It is the first film for mulching that is 100% biodegradable.It is made of Mater-Bi, a bioplastic from renewable raw materials of agricultural origin, and from non-genetically modified starch.

BioFilm Agro is an entirely biodegradable film, which, with the action of micro-organisms under aerobic conditions, and with suitable humidity, biodegrades completely, changing in to water, carbon dioxide and biomass.The biodegradation of Mater-Bi products has been certified by several organisations (AIB Vincotte, in Belgium; DIN Certco, in Germany), in accordance with international standards (EN 13432, DIN 54900).

BioFilm Sylva has been developed for the use as a weed barrier in forestry and landscaping. It eliminates vegetative competition between weeds and newly planted trees or shrubs by acting as a mulch.

how to use
biodegradable mulch film

The main advantages of BioFilm Agro are:

           - the film does not need to be removed
              - fully biodegrades in the soil
              - leaves no residue
              - can be used with the same machines as PE-film
              - reduced cost of labour